Two Way Aluminum Ladder

Two-Way Aluminum Ladder UAE is a common double-sided ladder used in construction, electrical, and other similar activities. It can be utilized by two people and has access on both sides. The anti-slip surface increases its popularity in both construction and home settings. Furthermore, its small weight makes it simple to handle and carry from one location to another. This two-way ladder allows personnel to easily and safely accomplish heightened jobs.

Users can pick up, drop off, and store the ladder wherever they choose, making the task easier and faster. These two-way ladders are made of high-quality materials and can support a significant amount of weight. Two-Way Aluminum Ladder UAE  was designed with the operator’s safety requirements and safety regulations in mind. Shahid Industries is a renowned manufacturer that provides clients with Aluminum Ladders at reasonable pricing. This ladder can also be tailored to the needs of the client. Connect with us to obtain our excellent products at reasonable prices.

Two Way Aluminum Ladder UAE


  • Enables access from both sides
  • Antislip shoes
  • Light weight domestic and industrial usage
  • Riveted hinge connections
  • Tool’s resting area provided at the top
  • Safe Working Load 110 KGS