Straight Aluminum Ladder

Straight Aluminum Ladder UAE resembles half of a step ladder and is square in shape. The square-shaped rungs strengthen the ladder and make it more slip-resistant. A side rectangular portion is also supplied to make this ladder more sturdy. On the other hand, it requires some sort of anchor at the topmost portion.

All of the aforementioned qualities make this ladder easy to climb and use. Straight Aluminum Ladder UAE may be used for a variety of operations, both commercial and residential, such as painting and house repair. They are portable and do not have hinges, so they take up less space when not in use.

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Straight Aluminum Ladder UAE

Features of Straight Ladder:

  • With the help of this ladder, reach up to 24 foot
  • Powerful step Joints
  • Flat steps in ladders
  • Light Weight.
  • Square shaped rungs give more strength to the ladder
  • Rung crimped into style gives more strength Anti-slip shoes
  • Side rectangular section designed for more sturdy ladder
  • Safe working load 150kgs