Scaffolding UAE

Shahid Industries is a renowned scaffolding company in UAE. Today Scaffolding UAE is recognised as the pioneer in the offering. Our distribution of word-class scaffolding products has made us the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of scaffolding materials in UAE.

Our product ranges are too wide with effective pricing. We understand your budget and provide services according to that. We are a pioneer in the services we offer. We a global distributor of Scaffolding products at the best prices. Our competitive range of products makes us really strong in the market. Aluminium Scaffolding UAE operates in both departments. We offer both, Steel and Aluminium Scaffolding.

scaffolding uae

We a customer oriented firm. We have believed in satisfying customers.  In addition to that, throughout the UAE area, we provide our services. Scaffolding, Support Systems, formwork material, etc. and what not. We provide services for all. You name any scaffolding service, it isn’t possible that we don’t provide. Aluminium Scaffolding UAE focuses on the safety quotient very seriously.  Our safety quotient is real high. Also if you don’t choose a company whose safety quotient is not high you may end up with disastrous results.