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SHAHID Aluminium Scaffolding is a light weight and mobile scaffolding used by workers for both indoor and outdoor purposes. A Stable and secure platform is required. Also for maintaining, cleaning, installing purposes or safety requirement in short term access. In addition to that, Erection of Aluminium is easier than others. Aluminium Scaffolding is easy to dismantle and store.
Not only it is light weight and mobile but also much affordable and reliable. Furthemore it provides customers fast and simple access in accordance to their needs. Also it is available in various heights, ranging from 2M to 20M. At Shahid Industries, our focus lies in safety. We keep it as a priority. Towers are designed in that way itself. Erection is ensured that keeps a check on the safety of the workers. As Aluminium is light weight, you don’t need many people to erect it. Minimum of two people are required for the process. Aluminium scaffolding doesn’t rust that easy. It is very much capable of carrying heavy loads. It can be used for a long time with proper maintenance. Safety should always be ensured. Always keep a check on who’s using it. Does he have a proper training or no? People who are highly competent should be allowed to erect the scaffolding. If a person has done the complete training of the course within last 3 years then only he is recognized as a competent person. All the details of the person should be kept on a check. Before using the Aluminium Scaffolding, check for the parts if they are working well or no. Check each and every part. Self-check is always important as it is about your own safety. Erection of the scaffolding is an important step. Ground check is also a crucial factor. Concrete, tarmacadam or similar ground should only be used for the proper erection.
We have various Aluminim Scaffolding products. You can review each one of them.