Heavy Duty Two Way Aluminum Ladder

Heavy Duty Two Way Aluminum Ladder UAE is a sturdy and long-lasting double-sided ladder built for two persons. It has a 15″ wide top that allows the operator to conveniently perform sophisticated heightened duties with safety. The size of this ladder varies depending on the number of steps customers need in the ladder. 

Operators should keep their hands clean while working on this ladder this will increase the ladder’s strength by retaining the extra-heavy-duty bottom and making it slip-resistant. The extruded ridges on the 3″ deep stairs make them more pleasant to use. You must also select the appropriate type of ladder for the operation. The first consideration in picking the material for the ladder is the environment of our worksite.

Shahid Industries is a market leader in the production of a comprehensive range of Heavy Duty Two Way Aluminum Ladder UAE. Furthermore, we conduct precise quality checks to ensure that our ladders are industry-compliant. Our team is dedicated to supplying the best ladders at the most affordable pricing.

Heavy Duty Two Way Aluminum Ladder UAE


  • Twin ladder designed for the use of one or two persons
  • Slip –Resistant feet
  • Heavy gauge steel hinges
  • Double–Rivet step construction
  • 1-2 Persons can use from both sides
  • 100% secure
  • Inexpensive rates
  • Strong development of the structure.
  • Safe working load 150Kgs