Double Section Straight Aluminum Ladder

Double Section Straight Ladder UAE is a square-shaped extensible ladder. The advantage of this ladder is that it can be adjusted to fit your needs and used for industrial building and cleaning. The form of this ladder allows the operator to stand correctly on its large square rungs without being concerned about his safety. The robust metal locking hooks adapt intermediately between the steps, allowing you to move effortlessly in pulley and rope. It has a box section stile that adds stiffness.

Many industrial companies, building sites, and households require ladders to carry out their daily tasks. And our scaffolding company considers these clients’ requests and makes ladders by their work requirements and specifications. It is our responsibility to make their daily tasks run smoothly, and we do so with all of our might. Certainty, as a leading firm, Shahid Industries sell scaffolding materials that have been thoroughly tested by a team of specialists and under the supervision of quality controllers.

Double Section Straight Aluminum Ladder UAE


  • Locks adjust intermediately between the steps.
  • It consists of rubber feet to put a stop to scratches.
  • It consists of safety locks, safety limits, Polypropylene, pulleys.
  • Large and comfortable square-shaped rungs.
  • Extendable type ladder.
  • Rigid aluminum locking hook moves comfortably in rope and pulley.
  • Safe Working Load 150 Kgs