About Shahid Industries

Shahid Industries is a top tier manufacturing and supplying scaffolding company in the field of scaffolding market. We are a renowned firm with the most efficient result driven methods. Our established place in the market has made us stand real strong in this competitive world. We are the leaders in manufacturing and supplying Scaffolding. Our products just don’t limit to one type. In addition to that, we supply both Aluminium Scaffolding and Steel Scaffolding to our customers according to their needs and requirements. With the most fantastic team and best methodologies, we are company par excellence.

Our team manufactures various products like Aluminium Scaffolding, Steel Scaffolding, Building Materials, and Safety Items etc. When it comes to Scaffolding services, we are the best manufacturing and supplying scaffolding company in the business. Our quality lies in excellent durability, mobility and ease of access. We offer Rental Services too. We understand your needs and thus intend to give every bit of service that’ll help you. Not every customer needs scaffolding for lifetime. For them we have introduced Scaffolding rental services. We offer Aluminium Scaffolding Rental, Steel Scaffolding Rental, and Formwork and Shuttering service to our clients. Our products are at highly affordable price. We completely ensure that the products are of highest quality and endurance. Our team of highly skilled professionals invests their whole heart and hard work in bringing you the services that makes us stand out.

Manufacturing and Supplying Scaffolding

We have transformed ourselves in last few years. Furthermore we are a customer driven company now. With the outstanding products, services and customer treatment, we believe in turning customers dreams into reality. We are a global firm with services all around. We deliver our scaffolding services in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Dubai, Sharjah etc. Our team’s consistency and hardworking attitude is our biggest strength. We believe in customer satisfaction. We are package of Quality products, in time deliveries at the most reasonable prices.

Our Mission

Our mission to transform the way of the low key construction. We aim to introduce new strategies and technologies in this modern era. In this competitive world, we intend to introduce new methodologies with a blend of new technology.

Our Vision

Our vision lies in making a difference with a different perspective. Through innovating technologies, customer service and new methodologies, we intend to build a customer partnership.