Leading Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

The most used type of scaffolding in today’s world is tube and coupler type of scaffolding. These tubes are usually made of steel or aluminium. In the Middle East particularly in the UAE aluminium scaffoldings are most popular. Scaffolding industry is a flourishing one in the UAE and Shahid Industries is one of the leading brands in this segment. It is also notable that this company is top aluminium scaffolding manufacturer in UAE. They have considerable expertise in this area bringing in the most authentic scaffolding service in UAE and provide sales and rental services all over UAE.

We already now know that Shahid Ind is a reckoning manufacturer of aluminium scaffolings but do you know that along with manufacturing these scaffoldings we also top aluminium scaffolding suppliers in UAE. These products are retailed in various segments throughout the market. We have a variety of products to offer that would cater to your preferences. Also, our products are quite economical. We have fixed the price of our products by keeping your budget in mind. We offer our services at an international level and thus we strive to achieve the number one rank in the global distributor of aluminium scaffolding.

We have a really good market strength and thus we always try to outdo ourselves in terms of service. We also have other products as our offerings. These products include scaffolding, support systems, framework material and a ton of other products. We also sell steel scaffoldings along with the aluminium one. In fact, there is not a chance that we would not have any scaffolding related products with us. You name it we have it. We are retailers of aluminium scaffoldings, steel scaffoldings, aluminium ladders, and building materials and on the rental front we rent formwork and shuttering services along with aluminium and steel scaffoldings. We provide solutions for domestic as well as industrials sites. We cater to high working heights, low working heights, low-level folding units, and aluminium scaffolding safety ladders.

We have always worked with one and that is customer satisfaction. We put our heart and soul in achieving our goal. We tend to bring world-class products to you so that you do not return to us with complaints. So we always give emphasis on the safety quotient of our materials. We know and understand the significance of the safety parameter in our products. So we have a very specialized and dedicated team of engineering which supervises the production of our materials.  Hence our products pass all the safety tests. Thus we manufacture and sell products which have a high safety quotient and do not degrade our reputation. In case if you are not satisfied with our offerings or if you have any kind of queries or doubts you can contact our service team.

With the combined efforts of our engineering, production, and service we try to offer the best products and services in UAE. We also provide services throughout the Middle East under the names of scaffolding tower Qatar, scaffolding tower Bahrain, Scaffolding tower Sharjah, scaffolding tower Doha, scaffolding tower Dubai, scaffolding tower Riyadh, scaffolding tower Oman. And not only for construction, but we also have scaffoldings for various other sectors such as for refineries, oil and gas, signboards and signage, electromechanical companies, mechanical construction, heavy support for shoring, industrial repair and maintenance, hoardings for grandstands and events, personal access and for construction and maintenance. We really take a pride in ourselves when customers get satisfied with our products. As one of the thriving aluminium suppliers in the UAE, we make sure that we don’t hamper our customer relations.

One of the major benefits of using aluminium scaffoldings is that they are more resistant to corrosion and can be easily assembled. This feature of scaffolding allows you to set up a large platform for your tools and other materials to pile up. With the use of our lightweight and strong scaffoldings, you can reach every area that you need to work on and do a certainly better job.

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